Seller Services

When you are looking to sell your home, you need a real estate agent who is able to list your home quickly and at a competitive price. At White Oak, we are committed to timely, professional, and personal service to help you feel at ease throughout the entire selling process.


Our trained and licensed real estate agents specialize in the Maryland and Pennsylvania real estate market and understand that your home is a personal, valuable asset. This is why we strive to achieve exceptional results for our clients. 

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“One of my favorite parts of real estate is having the opportunity to help people sell their homes efficiently, and for top dollar! Our team is known for quick settlements, but we can easily adjust our pace to accommodate any client’s desired timeframe.” – Mike Griesser, Realtor


Our team of realtors recognizes that your home has a story to tell and our job is to help you eloquently tell that story to potential buyers. First and foremost, we will craft a beautifully detailed description of your home that will evoke an emotional response. Our marketing professionals will ensure your home stands apart from the rest with elegantly designed digital marketing advertisements, home staging, and styling. Preparing your home for sale is an art in itself, and our goal is to use this to our advantage as we appeal to the highest number of potential buyers. 


Our agents are skilled at putting a spotlight on your home’s listing, and they are also intimately familiar with neighborhoods across Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. With roots in the area, we know the real estate market here inside and out, giving us an edge when selling your home. Many agents can list your home, but few bring White Oak’s unique brand of specialized experience to the table.

Staging Your Home


When you list with us, we include professional photography to present your property’s best features – because first impressions are key. If you are looking to further enhance your home, we also offer home staging as an additional service.


Home staging is a strategic process of showcasing your home’s strengths in the most flattering way possible. We will refer you to a preferred vendor who will assist you in minimizing clutter and personal effects while adding inspired touches of decor and brightening the space before introducing potential buyers to your home. They may also recommend small home improvement projects like paint touch-ups that showcase the real value of your property. 


Staging your house is an invitation for potential buyers to imagine living in it as their own home. Research has shown that a professionally staged home sells up to eight times faster, and at a 20% higher average price, than a non-staged home.

Home Valuation


Discovering what your home is worth is integral when it comes time to sell. Our trusted experts will gather data such as home improvements, how well the home has been maintained, and any unique features that could make your home more marketable. We use the power of our experience to compare your home to other homes on the market as well as recently sold homes.


When White Oak represents you in the sale of your home, we work with you to set a price that brings in the most competitive offer. We are known to receive multiple offers, above asking price, within days of listing the property! To help you choose the right price for your home, we look at comparable homes that have sold in your area, the condition of your home, and how much you need to profit from the sale. Our ultimate goal is to sell your home without hassle, quickly and profitably!

Ready to get started? Simply contact our team and we’ll find a time to chat about your home buying needs.